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Application Type

If you are in the US on a visa that allows you to study or you are in the process of gaining citizenship or permanent residency, choose "International Student".

If you are a current citizen or permanent resident of the United States, you are required to list the last four digits of your social security here.

If you are an international student, you can leave this field blank.

International Student Policies can be found here: https://misdami.org/montessori-teacher-training-california/admissions-montessori-training-schools/montessori-teacher-training-programs-for-international-students/


This is how your name will appear on your AMI diploma. You can enter your name however you would prefer in this field.

Examples of some common formats:
Jennifer Marie Smith
Jennifer M. Smith
Jennifer Smith
Smith Jennifer

Not required; leave blank if you do not have a middle name.

Recent passport sized photograph, no larger than 5000 KB

Student Address

Biographical Information

Please list your birthday in the following way: Month Day, Year.
example: January 1, 1980

Of what country are you a citizen? Please email the training center if you have dual citizenship

Education and Work History

If you do not have a degree, please submit a letter to training@misdami.org explaining why you should be accepted without the requirement (speak about your skills, dedication, work ethic, etc.). Include any extenuating circumstances that might have prevented you from completing your degree or maybe you decided it was not necessary for your career path.

Please list ALL universities / colleges / training centers you have attended, even if you did not obtain a degree from the institution. If you have a graduate degree, list the university here.

Leave blank if you have not attended any educational programs since graduating from high school (secondary school).

If you have a TOEFL or IELTS score, please list it here. (Leave blank if you are a US citizen or permanent resident.)

Leave blank if you will submit your English language score at a later date

International applicants who did not complete a college or university degree in a primarily English speaking country are required to provide an objective English assessment. IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge tests meet this requirement. Please contact the training center to inquire if a specific assessment is acceptable.

Official score report forms are required; contact the testing company to inquire about submitting official score report forms. See our International Students page for further information.

Please upload your current resume / CV here

If you would like to list your references ahead of time so we can anticipate receiving their letters you may do so here. This field is not required. Please list each reference's full name on a new line.

Reference letter instructions can be downloaded here: https://misdami.org/wp-content/uploads/Reference-Letter-Instructions.pdf

MISD will NOT request the letter on your behalf.

Please answer the following questions in a separate document and upload your answers above. (1-2 paragraphs per question.)

1. Why do you want to take this training course?
2. What are your interests and skills? What specific qualifications do you bring to this work?
3. Describe your experience with children. Do you have any experience with children in the age range you wish to study? If so, explain.
4. How do you intend to use your Montessori training? How will your training further your professional goals?
5. How did you first learn about our program and why would you like to study at MISD?

School Sponsorship

If all or part of your training is being paid for by a school, please provide the school's name above.

Please list the first and last name of the person at your organization whom we should contact regarding questions about payments.

What is the email for your school's contact?

Mandatory Fees
Application Fee 2019 150.00
Total 150.00

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